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The Reserve Bank has a rich tradition of generating accurate and timely data, policy-oriented and topical economic research, publication of statutory and other theme-based reports, and knowledge-sharing.

The Reserve Bank’s economic research work is designed to:

  • Provide reliable, data-driven and evidence-based information for policy and decision-making
  • Supply accurate and timely data to facilitate academic research as well as to the general public
  • Undertake regular updated assessment of the state of the Indian economy
  • Conduct research on contemporary and medium-term macro-financial issues
  • Provide support for collaborative research to research institutions/universities
  • Develop and maintain robust statistical data reporting systems
  • Conduct forward-looking surveys for monetary policy
  • Educate the public

The Reserve Bank’s economic research focusses on the study and analysis of domestic and international macroeconomic issues. This is mainly done by the Department of Economic and Policy Research and the Department of Statistics and Information Management.

The Reserve Bank has over time established a sound and rich tradition of conducting policy-oriented economic research and an effective mechanism for disseminating data and information. Like other major central banks, the Reserve Bank has also strengthened its own research capabilities in the field of economics, finance, modelling, and statistics, which contribute to a better understanding of the functioning of the economy and the ongoing changes in the policy transmission mechanism.

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The Reserve Bank has the legal obligation under the Reserve Bank of India Act to publish two reports every year: the Annual Report and the Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India. Besides these and the regular periodical publications, it also publishes reports of various committees appointed to look into specific subjects, and discussion papers prepared by its internal experts. In fact, the Reserve Bank has been, for the last several years, using its website effectively for two way communication. Any major change in policy, for instance, is first put out on its website as a draft and is issued as a final instruction to banks after receiving feedback from all stakeholders.

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The research undertaken at the Reserve Bank revolves around the issues arising from the current economic developments at the national and international levels, which have critical implications for the Indian economy. This research is regularly disseminated through various statutory and other publications/reports, and through research papers released on the Reserve Bank website. Furthermore, the primary and secondary data compiled by the Reserve Bank acts as an important source of information for research for the outside world.

Over time, the Reserve Bank has also made focussed efforts to compile newer databases for the public through its robust statistical systems. It endeavours to provide credible statistics and information to all users including market participants, businesses, the media, professionals, and academics. This is done through various platforms, such as its website, and weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual publications. India is among the first few signatories of the Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS) as defined by the International Monetary Fund for the purpose of releasing data and the Reserve Bank contributes to SDDS in a significant manner.

The Reserve Bank releases several publications regularly that contain a comprehensive account of its operations, and information on the trends and developments pertaining to the Indian economy. Besides, there are periodical statements on the monetary policy, official press releases, speeches, and interviews given by the top management, which articulate the Reserve Bank’s assessment of the economy and its policies.

The Reserve Bank also has an enterprise-wide data warehouse called Database on Indian Economy through which data is made available in downloadable and reusable formats. Users can access a much larger database on the Indian economy through the Reserve Bank’s website. This site has a user-friendly interface and enables easy retrieval of data through pre-formatted reports. It also has the facility for simple and advanced queries. The Reserve Bank provides analytical research on various aspects of the Indian economy through its two research departments – Department of Economic and Policy Research and Department of Statistics and Information Management. 

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Page Last Updated on: November 23, 2022

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